Wooden crates for packing

Wooden crates for packing

The wooden crates for packaging allow the transport and storage of fragile and precious goods ensuring the total protection of the products contained. The packaging produced by Durbiano has been studied in terms of thickness, materials and closure systems to guarantee customers maximum product protection, by calibrating the specific weight of the container, strength and maneuverability based on logistical needs.

A simple product

But precious in logistics operations

This is why the Durbiano wooden crates design staff always carefully chooses the woods, to combine lightness in weight and high strength. The high quality of the raw material is exploited to create functional and versatile containers such as Plibox, a folding system patented by the Turin-based company. In fact, Durbiano, in addition to the standard crates, produces and sells this innovative system of crates that are assembled with a few gestures thanks to hooks that engage the bottom and lid inside the walls. Once used, the Plibox crates can be disassembled and stacked to reduce the space in the warehouse while waiting for a new use.

Solid materials and compliant

With international regulations

The computerized production process and the efficiency of the staff allow the company to create tailor-made wooden crates for packaging, in compliance with the customer’s instructions and with short delivery times. The wood used for the crates is subjected to heat treatments and complies with the standards for international export.