Production of wooden packaging

Production of wooden packaging

We carry out the production of wooden packaging offering maximum safety, guaranteeing ease of handling, total protection of the goods contained and a high resistance to loads and shocks. Since 1922, the Turin-based company Durbiano has been involved in the production and construction of wooden containers designed for functional and safe packaging of all types of goods.

Container models for different uses
Durbiano’s expert collaborators use modern machinery and have the necessary experience to build high quality and proven resistance packaging. In the samples, customers can find:

  • pallets;
  • tailor-made platforms;
  • plywood folding crates;
  • wooden crates and crates.
A versatile service

To meet any qualitative and quantitative need

All Durbiano packaging is made with high quality wood and with techniques of proven effectiveness in order to guarantee strength, resistance to loads, reduced tare weight and long life. The pallets and wooden crates are available in different standard sizes, compatible with the lifting and handling means used by companies and storage warehouses. Upon request, the Durbiano designers develop customized versions based on the customer’s needs, varying in structural composition, size and shape. The warehouse stocks of the packaging in standard sizes allow us to guarantee prompt delivery even for large quantities.