Case composed of three parts: walls joined in a folded ring, bottom and lid.
Raw material: 6 mm thick 5-layer plywood
Angles at the four vertical edges in galvanized sheet mm 55×0.4 printed and fixed to the plywood
Two frames in galvanized sheet 50×0.7 fixed around the plywood panels, equipped with slots for the insertion of the tabs
0.7 mm thick metal tabs for easy attachment of the elements to each other
Conventional marking with double arrow, glass, umbrella, net weight and gross weight

Assembly system

Without the need for nails

Le casse


The PLITEC crates can be supplied in standard or customized models and sizes, with bare or palletized bottoms, with standard writings (arrows, glasses, umbrella, weight) and with personalized writings, equipped with doors on the sides, approved for the transport of dangerous goods, and FSC® certified​ and PEFC ™

Special Packaging (Foldable Crates for all dangerous goods)

Also available approved to UN Standards for Dangerous Goods

According to the legislation in force, these packaging for dangerous goods are equipped with the regulatory UN acronym certifying their conformity to the model used for resistance tests.
Their use simplifies all administrative formalities for the shipment of goods classified as dangerous by current legislation, by the bodies responsible for checking the suitability of packaging, in all international shipping locations (airports, railway stations, ports of embarkation, etc. .).