Plibox®: made of 9 mm thick five-layer softwood plywood with water-resistant bonding.
Plibox® has an excellent resistance to overlapping and shocks such as to have been approved according to UN standards for the shipment of dangerous goods.
Standard models
8 formats always ready in stock, with fixed sizes, characteristics and prices.
Very short assembly times
Plibox® assembles quickly and easily: bottom and lid fit into the walls.

Storage in minimal space 
Folded Plibox® represents only 10% of its initial volume.
  Plibox® improves the image of your product and your brand, on request, can be printed on the walls.
Plibox® having a very low volume and tare weight, considerably lowers transport costs, thus making your products even more competitive.

Plibox® screwing the bottom of the lid makes the box fully reusable after arrival at destination. Much safer closure with a few screws, better than with many nails.

Reinforced bottom 
Now blend into a single 18mm thick plywood panel in seven perfectly stable and even layers.

Two and four way funds

All Plibox® are compliant with the new ISPM 15 FAO standard which provides for heat treatment (heating in the oven up to 56 ° C for 30 minutes) thus obtaining treated packaging suitable for each shipment and for each destination. The treatment is certified with the internationally valid IPPC mark and granted by the National Phytosanitary Service which supervises the authorized producers. The mark itself constitutes official certification and therefore the paper form is provided only upon request.

Crates built entirely with pre-treated wood panels such as plywood are also compliant with this standard: in this case the export process is simpler because no treatment, marking or other certification is required.

Packaging according to ISPM 15 FAO standard

Custom-made models are made according to the customer's needs