Available in:
Standardized standard formats, also according to UIC 435-2 specifications (EUR-EPAL)

  • Custom formats, or according to specific specifications
  • Regenerated and reconditioned

We also carry out treatments in accordance with ISPM 15 FAO on behalf of third parties

Selected raw materials

  • Certified quality
  • Prompt delivery
  • Models for every need

In conglomerate wood

They do not need the export treatment required by countries that have joined the ISPM 15 FAO standard. In fact they are composed of wood chips glued with a special synthetic resin at high temperature and high pressure that provides sealing and stability.  This bonding process guarantees:

  • The elimination of any wood parasites
  • Thus making any further superfluous
  • Phytosanitary treatment.
  • Reduction of storage volumes
  • Low moisture content (6-8%)
  • Hooking edge for films and headphones
  • Inalterability to atmospheric agents
Production and sale

Of pallets and wooden platforms

Durbiano, a Turin-based company leader in the field of production and sale of packaging items, produces and markets wooden pallets and platforms made according to the most modern techniques and aligned with customer needs.

Valuable supports

For warehouse logistics

The pallets are packaging supports consisting of a wooden frame, raised from the ground and suitable to withstand loads during the handling of goods. The two-way or four-way pallets are guaranteed for strength, durability, ease of use and compatibility with the main forklift trucks. They are also appreciated for their low tare weight and competitive cost. For special needs the company produces pallets to order, with customized measures and characteristics. The carpentry workshop is equipped with modern machinery and computerized management to carry out a large-scale production in a short time. The pallets in standard sizes are always available in the warehouse and the staff is available to arrange scheduled deliveries, guaranteeing punctuality and precision in the management of company pallets.

State-of-the-art processing systems

Durbiano produces and sells wooden pallets, wooden packaging, crates and cages and platforms in conglomerate wood, made with wood chips and a special synthetic resin molded at high temperature and at high pressure. This process ensures a high seal and high stability, making the material perfectly compliant with the ISPM 15 standard, without the need for further plant protection treatments.