Pallet collars

Paretali Standard and custom

The container to make indestructible

they are designed to be used continuously as true returnable packaging.
made of planed fir boards 20 mm thick. They allow to contain materials by optimally contrasting the internal thrust.

their modularity allows to form containers with variable heights.
the non-deformability of the elements guarantees easy and safe storage.

for easier and more versatile use. 
Standard format 
they adapt to all pallets with size 120×100, 80×60 cm. 
Custom size 
custom-made wall panels are created. 
for a rational logistic management of the warehouse.
HT treated according to the international standard ISPM 15 FAO

Foldable and stackable modular elements for returnable packaging or warehouse storage

Production of wooden wall panels for packaging

The packaging market sees a great expansion in the production of partition walls, highly practical modular and modular containers. Durbiano is a company from Rivoli – Turin – which has been working with competence and passion in the packaging items sector since 1922. Thanks to investments in research and the development of innovative products, the company has expanded the market internationally.

Minimum footprint and space always available for packaging

Among the products to be mentioned are the wall boxes which, with a patented and totally reliable system, allow to form containers with variable heights. The crates are made of high quality wood, with state-of-the-art locking systems and a solid configuration that makes them indestructible and reusable for a very long period of time. These returnable packages are subjected to HT treatment according to the ISPM 15 FAO standard and can therefore travel to all foreign countries. The crates are made up of folding walls for easy storage in the warehouse, but once assembled they can contain even very heavy materials thanks to their sturdiness. Durbiano also trades returnable packaging, collars and folding crates.

A highly customized production​

Given the strong market demand, Durbiano offers a valid production service of wall panels according to the measures requested by customers. The horizontal structure is modular and, starting from the base suitable for standard 120×80 pallets, it can be customized in height by adding the quick-fit elements. The non-deformability of the elements allows the multiple overlapping of several boxes for easy storage in the warehouse.