Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging

Study, design and construction of all large-sized packaging for the shipment of heavy machinery and complete lines, for any destination and by any means of transport.

For the safety of the materials contained, people and the environment.

The types of load-bearing bottom packaging that can be created:

  • Traditional chests in fir boards
  • Boxes with internal load-bearing structure in water-resistant plywood
  • Cages
  • Platforms and slides for handling only for land transport
  • Saddles and protective and fixing products on platforms and in containers

Services available:

  • The supply of packaging only
  • The packaging with stowage by our specialized staff
  • Chemical protection with barrier bags, dehydrating salts or special papers

All this to guarantee the best protection against shocks and atmospheric agents and to make all handling and transhipment operations possible and safe.

Construction according to specific specifications and always according to the ISPM 15 FAO standard.

Industrial production and packaging

Industrial packaging is essential to protect goods during the storage and transport phases. Durbiano, a packaging industry based in Rivoli, in the province of Turin, has been involved for decades in the production of containers for the shipment of goods, made of wood and cardboard.

The Plibox system of our invention

The continuously growing business satisfies the requests of Italian companies, and also extends to the foreign market thanks to the success achieved by the Plibox checkout system. These folding crates made of phenolic plywood are simple and quick to assemble, withstand loads and impacts, are easily “stackable” and are offered in eight standard sizes to adapt to any type of product. In addition, they are resistant to moisture and, thanks to their low weight, reduce transport costs.

Valid solutions for every commodity

Durbiano also builds customized pallets and platforms, high-strength cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard packaging, wooden crates and crates, as well as stackable modular containers for warehouses and shelving. The company specializes in the production of containers for dangerous goods approved and certified by the bodies in charge. To complete the industrial packaging, various materials are available for filling the containers to be used for the protection of fragile or high-value goods.