Foldable crates


Is a leading company in the field of production and sale of folding crates for packaging

Created to facilitate the storage of containers in the warehouse, which when empty take up space unnecessarily. The system patented by Durbiano for the creation of its folding crates is appreciated by Italian and international customers thanks to its practicality of use.

Lightweight and resistant containers

The Durbiano company from Turin offers Plibox speakers with an anti-sagging quick coupling system and made with top quality wood. The eight different sizes suitable for standard vehicle loading plans are always available in the warehouse for immediate delivery and thanks to the low specific weight of the crates it is possible to reduce transport costs. The connection systems are easy to use and guarantee the high resistance of the structure which is able to withstand impacts, thrusts and the overlapping of large volumes of loads.

Great customization possibilities

The computerized production process and the efficiency of the staff allow the company to create tailor-made wooden crates for packaging, in compliance with the customer’s instructions and with short delivery times. The wood used for the crates is subjected to heat treatments and complies with the standards for international export.