Cardboard boxes and packaging


Specializes in the production of high quality cardboard boxes and guaranteed

Durbiano specializes in the production of high quality cardboard boxes and guaranteed by the experience accumulated over the years. Corrugated cardboard packaging is used for the storage, but handling and shipping of goods of all product categories.

Simple products, but essential for packaging operations

The traditional cardboard box for packaging has been reworked by Durbiano, a company based in Rivoli in the province of Turin, to meet the logistical needs of its customers. The newly designed container consists of a double-wave cardboard body with special die-cuts that allow connection to a four-way pallet made of wood conglomerate. The box is supplied disassembled to limit the bulk in the warehouse and is packaged very quickly thanks to four rigid plastic anchoring couplings that ensure its resistance and stability. These boxes are safe, impact resistant, dust tight and easy to use thanks to the front loading door. The entire structure is built with ecological materials to simplify disposal at the end of the service.

Everything you need for a correct packaging of the goods

Durbiano produces and sells cardboard boxes in standard and bespoke formats, corrugated and triple-wave packaging. For the handling of particularly heavy or delicate loads, Durbiano also produces folding crates for packaging made of wood, treated according to international export regulations.